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Your Position: Home - Construction - Application of glass wool insulation materials

Application of glass wool insulation materials

Glass wool is made of borosilicate glass and consists of other ingredients such as silica sand, fixants and recycled glass. Glass wool insulation used in sound insulation fittings may be made from molten glass. Fiber materials made of molten glass, loose wool and ultrafine wool are sandwiched between bitumen bonded glass blankets to make fine glass wool panels. These panels have excellent noise control and acoustic properties, as well as thermal insulation, making them ideal for building control Spaces.


Fiberglass insulation Thickness fiberglass insulation is available

The thickness of fiberglass insulation has a great influence on the sound insulation and heat insulation values. Glass fiber insulation layer thickness from 60mm (80, 120, 140, 160, 180......) Start adding 20mm. A minimum thickness of 160 mm is recommended to isolate the pitched roof. To ensure no seams, it is best to use two alternating layers.

Glass wool finishes and shapes can be used for glass wool insulation

Glass wool is available in soft sheet, blanket or bulk form. Sometimes a finishing layer is provided on the outside. This can make it easier to use (in the case of paper), or it can be used as a vapor barrier (in the case of aluminum). One can use overlapping finishes to seal joints or nail them to wooden structures.

Application of glass wool as outer packaging.

1. Hvac and air conditioning system insulation: Air duct wrap is a kind of insulation blanket specially used to wrap air conditioning pipes

Externally clad metal air conditioning ducts: rectangular and circular heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

2. Air duct insulation

Insulation of hot and cold pipes. This insulation material is a 1 meter long preformed rigid resin bonded glass wool section. A single longitudinal slit allows the member to open to seal the pipe and close it after placement. Standard finishing options include canvas, plain and enhanced foil.

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3. Commercial building purlins for insulation

Factory boards are rigid boards made of noncombustible glass wool insulation material. It is commonly used as multi-purpose wall cladding and purlin roof insulation. It is available in 25, 40 or 50 mm thickness.

4. The ceiling

Tiling is made of incombustible inorganic glass wool and is bonded with inert thermosetting resin adhesive. Decorative vinyl finishes are available in coral for durability.

Application of glass wool as ceiling.

Condole top: household expenses, commerce, industry

Cinema, home theatre, recording studio and other commercial buildings ceiling.

5. Industrial roof insulation

It's made of high-quality, non-flammable, flexible material. Glass wool insulation with an inert adhesive makes the product lightweight, safe and flexible. It faces one side with reinforced foil or white foil. Can be applied to both sides upon request. To meet the special requirements of customers. Huamei group has developed a variety of foil covering products, which have solved the problems of moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance, and processed into various foil covering products, such as enhanced aluminum foil composite products, perforated aluminum foil composite products. PVC aluminum foil composite products in white and black glass fiber aluminum foil composite blanket. Foil coating increases the fracture resistance, not easy to destroy, high tensile strength; In addition, beautiful appearance, easy to install

All in all, glass wool is an insulating material that has a variety of applications in the home as part of roofing, false ceilings, drywall, home theater, etc. It is widely used for installation due to its known advantages in insulation, fire safety and ease of use

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